Monday, February 16, 2009

Creative Hand Embroidey Magazine Project

Finally the kids are back at school and I can catch up on all my blogging. I can't believe that weeks and weeks have passed since I shared all my news with you. Very remiss of me.
So, where to start?
Maybe it would be best to give you a summary of my hectic and crazy life since my sister's visit back in November. Yikes can that really be almost 3 months ago?
Sadly I didn't get much of a chance for sewing days in the holidays although I was commissioned by a leading American craft magazine to design a project for a special up coming addition.

I started with a brief sketch of two throw cushions.

Then it was off to buy some fabrics and as usual I came home with a lovely bundle to help get the creative juices flowing.

I also found some Ricrak in my braid basket that was the perfect shade.
And some yummy DMC embroidery threads...just right!

I also decided to antique some fabric that had been in my fabric cupboard for years, just waiting for its out coming and moment of glory. Little did it know it was heading overseas!

Then my next challenge was to find a free afternoon for some serious sewing.
Here's a glimpse of what emerged.

I decided to attach the Ricrak with French knots.

The next day they were both on their way to the United States, lucky them.
Unfortunately there wasn't enough room for me!

The cushions will be published in a Creative Hand Embroidery issue later in the year.
But more about that later.
If you would like to see some more of my embroidery patterns.

Chat again soon.
Warmly Lenna

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