Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nursery Rhymn Quilt Ideas

For the past couple of weeks my mind has been a swirl with ideas for my new block of the month quilt which will be based on nursery rhymes. I've had heaps of fun looking through favourite nursery rhyme books trying to decide which ones to include. There are so many to choose from and I have fond memories of singing them to my children. My  Miss Eight (almost nine) is very excited by my new design sketches and has eagerly made her suggestions as to which ones to include.

I discovered this image on Flikr today which took me back many years to my childhood. I wonder if Mum still has this album lying around somewhere. I used to play it often.
Does anyone else recognize it?

My Own Nursery Rhyme Record by Jacob Whittaker.


Simone said...

Hi Lenna,
I can't believe you had that album too!!! i absolutely loved playing records when I was young and this was one of my favourites. I had forgotten all about it, thankyou for reminding me, it has brought back some great memories.

Loralynn said...

I remember listening to this too!! I loved it! I would play it over and over! How fun to think that even though we were continents apart, as little girls we may have been listening at the same time!! Thanks for the memory jog!


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