Monday, July 20, 2009

Project for Australian Country Threads Magazine

I must tell you a story about a recent project that I was commissioned to design for Australian Country Threads magazine. It's more of a confession really and you must promise not to tell anyone in my family, especially hubby.

In fact after hearing what I did feel free to add your own story to this blog post just to make me feel better.

When the lovely Danielle rang me from Australian Country Threads magazine to design a project for an upcoming stitchery special, I was thrilled. We decided on a doll pattern which also thrilled my Miss 9 who seemed eager to claim another doll for her bedroom!
The task gave me an opportunity to have a break from my new quilt project and after acquiring the perfect bundle of fabrics I set to work.

As my new doll design took shape it came time to paint her boots.

I decided to paint them jet black and to finish them with a coat of varnish. After applying a thick coat of paint I had to decide on the best method to dry them. Glancing out the window I was determined not to venture out in the cold and instead decided to hang them on a small clothes line I had in the lounge room.
I made this hasty decision despite two facts that were glaring me in the face. Number one, the small clothes line was crammed full with a load of white washing, and number two it was positioned very close to the window and my lounge room curtains.

BUT with wet boots in hand and few options available to me (I hadn't really thought this step through) I headed to the indoor clothes line...reached for some pegs and carefully positioned the legs with the wet, glistening boots so that they dangled in a small gap between the wet white washing. So far so good, or so I thought!

As I went to walk away I bumped the clothes line so that the boots swung in the air and brushed up against my beautiful blue Laura Ashley curtains. For a moment I could not believe what I had done. I froze in time as I glared at the big black blob of paint that was now on my curtains. My only comfort was that I was on my own and none of the kids or hubby had witnessed my moment of shame. Or heard the gasp of horror escape my lips (which was really a mouth full of bad language) The next 10 minutes was spent scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing again until my bad deed had been hidden. And I am very relieved to report that the paint mark did come off although after a difficult fight!

Here are the little black boots at the heart of my crime.

As you can see my doll design has a hand embroidered apron and petticoat.

And here is a photo of Lizzie

Seemingly unaware of the stressful moment her boots caused me.

So now you know my secret. My little moment of madness. Any sensible person would have known that wet black paint, white washing and blue curtains were never going to be a good combination, but not me.
Please make me feel better by sharing any moments of madness related to sewing projects that you have experienced. I promise not to tell anyone!!!

And don't forget to look out for Lizzie in an upcoming Stitchery special of Australian Country Threads magazine coming soon. Or feel free to check out some of my other softie and doll patterns listed on the Stitching Cow website

Warmly Lenna


quilting Jeannet said...

Hi Lenna,
I just maked your embroidery totebag ! I did,n know it was yours, you can see it on mij blog, I make it a little different but I love it !

greetings, Jeannet

DAWNIE said...

Oh Lenna, that is just so typical of how us women do the multi task thing, and sometimes pick up the "unexpected along the way". You were very lucky to get the paint out. Am glad that your Lizzie looks very none the wiser. She looks great and I bet she wished she could speak!!! Great you got the paint out of your curtains - as it is very hard to remove.

Any said...

Hello lenna ¡¡¡ is very pretty your Lizzie

petra said...

Hi Lena,

Lizzie is very pretty
What a story did you tell, it's a warning for me, think before you get more homework instead of hobby time
but she looks lovely

greetings Petra

Tineke said...

Hi Lenna,

What a story! Reading your post while drinking my morning coffee made my day! Lizzy is beautiful!

Vanessa said...

I cannot believe those teeny tiny litte boots caused so much havoc! Oh dear ! Hate to say it , even though it was a live and learn story it was funny!
Vanessa in Upstate NY

Carrie P. said...

The doll is very cute. So glad to hear you got the paint out of your curtains. I can see you standing there looking at the paint in horror.
At this minute I can not think of any stories.

Zully said...

Hola Lenna!!!

Lizzie is beautiful. I´m reading your story while I´m eating breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Lenna, Honey....we have all done stuff like this!
When my kids were little I was working on some stuff for our local fair that involved Liquid Embroidery...Around a 7, 6 4, 3 and one year old. Well i had the nicest painted table clothes around! OH yeah and the table clothe was a 100 year old lace one that a friend had given me! so on dear...we have all done it!

linny said...

Hi Lenna,
Haven't we all done something like that. It's always when you're painting the 'BOOTS',everything goes well up until then. She looks great, look forward to geting the magazine.

Bev C said...

Hello Lenna, Wet paint is just like shoe polish,you must wait for it to dry!!! So glad you were able to get the paint out of the curtains and your washing. Lizzie looks like she came out of the whole ordeal well.Congratulations on a wonderful creation and multitasking. Have a wonderful day.

Jan said...

Hi Lenna,sorry to hear about your mishap but glad that it worked out ok in the end, I haven't got a funny story to tell but I do have a hint for drying painted boots that might help. When I paint dolls boots I dry them with the hair dryer, if it's acrylic paint it dries in a couple of minutes, Cheers Jan

heather said...

Hi Lenna,
Lizzie looks great, love to make her.I have to keep my dolls and other stuffed toys away from my little dog who loves to chew my new makings!! arhhhhhh(very frustrating)

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Lenna, your doll is beautiful! Alls well that ends well! Thank goodness the paint came off your curtains. I had a mishap a few days ago. Have not used my machine much as I prefer stitcheries and handpiecing, but was making an apron for a swap on the craft forum. Machine was buzzing so I decided to help by turning the wheel, suddenly a lot noise, broken needle and a shocked me!!! I had accidently turned the stitch selection wheel instead, which had changed the needle position and I had the quarter inch piecing foot on the machine. I don't think I will make that mistake again. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lenna,

Just love your story of the little mishap you had with Lizzie's boots. We do some mad things without even thinking. You have made me feel a whole lot better as it seems I am not on my own. Thank you for sharing your story.

Cheryle W.
Port Macquarie

Tersia said...

Hi Lenna
I am so glad to see that it is not only me multi tasking with terrible results (or great ones now and then). Luckily we are nearly always able to fix them (we are creative), even if it is with a button or a flower. I am staying in South Africa but will try my best to get the mag to see the beautiful finished Lizzy. Keep on stitching I love your designs Tersia

Anonymous said...

Lenna - I feel your pain! We just got new carpet which I have been waiting for almost 6 years. We gave my in-laws a 50th wedding anniversary reception at our home. I had the candles buring to add that special welcome and one of the guests told me that wax was dripping off the end table onto the my carpet. Did I mention that this particular guest was a prankster? I look up at my brother in law which was laughing so I just gave a little laugh and thought "yeah...right" and went back to filling the punch bowl. It wasn't till after the 50 plus guests had left that to my dismay, the candle really did drip onto my new carpet! It just broke my heart to say the least but my husband picked it all out. I learned my lesson...don't burn candles if you have 50 plus guests in your home. At least the man blew the candle out. :)

Ina said...

she is just beautiful!

Sherry said...

Hi Lenna! So sorry to hear the grief that Lizzie's boots caused you, but I have to laugh because that is the kind of thing that would most certainly happen to me---nice to know I am not the only one who has that kind of luck! HA!! Miss Lizzie is absolutely PRECIOUS!!! Sherry


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