Monday, June 13, 2011

Block 5 and 6 A Faithful Friend Stitch a Long Quilt now ready

Blocks five and six of my free block of the month quilt pattern, A Faithful Friend are now ready for you to download. All you have to do is head over to the Complete Craft website by clicking the link here

Hope that you are enjoying the sewing journey!
I also wanted to let you know that there is an exciting competition being offered over at the Stitching Cow blog. The winner will receive the complete kit of fabrics and threads for this quilt project worth over $250. For your chance to win click here for all the details.

Best of luck
Warmly Lenna


Marg H said...

Hi Lenna

I have been unable to download the pattern for Block 5. I can get the picture and instructions, but the pattern is a blank. Undoubtedly not your problem, but thought you may know who to mention this to at Complete Craft. I've had no problems with any of the other blocks and have downloaded up to Block 8.

Congratulations, too. It's a lovely quilt.

Sherry said...

I am almost done with the embroidery on the first block in the Homespun magazine. I have printed off the other patterns and hope to get started very soon. I love the design.

Sunnybec said...

Hi I haven't been able to download pattern for Block 5 either, I can download the instructions but as Marg H said the pattern page is just blank. Thanks for your help

Lenna Green of Stitching Cow said...

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with block 5. I think the problem is that for some reason the pattern opens up 250% of its origin size which means you need to scroll down before the pattern appears. Try reducing the size back to 100% and the pattern should appear. Hope that helps.

Chris said...

Hi everyone.............I ALWAYS use 100% & never had a problem. THANK YOU Leanna for beautiful blks to hand stitch you are a very generous person :) I read your latest blog about your trip to Italy, WOW how fantastic! Hope you had lots of wine, visited different places & got to say CHAO. I know what the snow is all about living in Wisconsin-USA up north we had about 12' of snow this past winter. Keep on stitching, take care & best wishes :)

gmp said...

I have been able to print out all of the patterns, but there aren't any instructions there. Should there be?

Lenna Green of Stitching Cow said...

There are two links that you need to download for each pattern, one for the instructions and one for the design.

Lenna Green of Stitching Cow said...

The troublesome pattern 5 has now been fixed, so hopefully all will work. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.


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