Sunday, September 20, 2009

Story by an Obsessed Quilt Maker

We patchwork and quilters are strange creatures aren't we?
Well perhaps not strange but amusing.
Last week my youngest sister brought into the world the most precious little girl you can imagine.
Our family was overjoyed, it has been years since we had a new baby to enjoy and fuss over.

Of course my mind immediately turned to designing something special to help celebrate the occasion.

My fingers were literally itching wanting to create something wonderful.
I had been holding off until we knew whether a girl or boy quilt was in order.

My sister had visualized us having a sewing day together,
which was to take place when I visited from interstate. She had planned an occasion like this before and
I knew from experience that the truth of the matter was that I sewed frantically while she made coffee and chatted. Not being a sewer herself I think my frantic cutting sewing and deliberating over fabric choices amuses her although she is always very appreciative of my efforts and we manage to
talk constantly over the whir of the sewing machine and share some special hours, so I do not mind the arrangement at all.

Keeping all this in mind I literally dived head first into my sewing cupboard and started grabbing fabrics that I thought would be suitable for the new quilt. Trouble was the pile of fabrics started growing so tall that I knew I could never fit them all into my suitcase or hide them from my hubby who would have shaken his head in disbelief and considered me a bit mad I'm sure.

I soon realized that a quick email to my sister was needed to help determine a colourway to design with.
Thank goodness she had taken the lap top to hospital which meant that my problem was soon solved and the fabric pile was reduced to half. I was then able to stuff the piles of fabric between my socks and bras before hubby could notice.

Then of course there was the rotary cutter, rulers, cutting mat, threads, needles...etc etc.
Luckily I zipped up the suitcase before he entered the bedroom, hence avoiding any uncomfortable questions.
although he did comment in disbelief that I had chosen the biggest of our suitcases to take on the trip despite the fact I was only going for a weeks visit. 

And of course there were more comments as he heaved the heavy suitcase out to the car.
Truth is he even made me weigh it as we passed the scales in the bathroom so as not to face an excess luggage charge when we reached the airport.
Thankfully I was just under the limit and did not have to unzip my luggage and reveal my deed and secret fabric stash!

Before long I was on my way, nestled in the comfort of the aeroplane seat, fabrics tucked in safely below.

As I closed my eyes to rest my thoughts turned to the wonderful feeling of cuddling a new born baby and the special quilt we would create together just for her.


Cal said...

Congratulations to your sister and I enjoyed your amusing story. Will be looking with interest to see what you create. Hope you all have a lovely week together.

Loralynn said...

Have fun and enjoy the new baby!

Bevy said...

Love the story. You're not crazy at all, sounds like something I would do, too.
Congrats on the new little one - joining your family.

Kim said...

Congratulations on the new neice. I would have probably done the same thing with my suitcase. (I have actually done that with other projects. :)

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Lenna, congratulations on becoming a new Aunty!
I have used the teaspoon method when basting a quilt, it certainly makes a difference. The last one I pin basted with the large curved safety pins- I found that to be a bit hard on my fingers. Thank you for your wonderful informative newsletters! Bye for now, Sandy.

DAWNIE said...

what a great story. is sure to bring a smile to any mad patchworkers face. Now you just have to work out how you can pack your needle and scisors with your carry on luggage??? so that we can sew whilst in transist or on the plane.

Anonymous said...

I assume your sister has a sewing machine. I do the very same thing.


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