Sunday, February 21, 2010

Favourite Pin Cushion Pattern

Do you have a favourite pin cushion pattern?

I have a confession to make.

In January I forgot my friend's birthday. She never forgets my birthday so you can imagine how bad I felt. Trouble was her birthday fell in early January and since I was still in Christmas and holiday mode, I forget to update my new calendar for the year. The calendar has all the family and friend birthdays written clearly in black pen, and usually this sytsem works,that is with the exception of all birthdays that fall in early January.

My friend was away on holidays at the time which did soften my forgetfulness just  a little bit, but I still felt I had to make it up to her. Especially considering that she never forgets my birthday and always surprises me with something wonderful.

So when she admired one of my little pin cushions recently I knew I had to find some special fabric and some time to make one for her. My friend is a lover of Japanese fabrics so I searched my fabric cupboard high and low until I found the perfect Japanese fabric to suit.

The pin cushion she admired was luckily one of my favourite pin cushion patterns. I have made lots of them and they are scattered around my home so that I always have pins close and handy.

Here is a picture of it for you.


And I found an old button amongst my button collection that was perfect.

Making pin cushions is so much fun because they are quick and easy.
Although the pumpkin style pin cushion is my favourite I do like designing other styles that are fun and decorative as well. The skyes the limit really.
Here are a few of my other pin cushion designs.


Pin Cushion Polly is  a pin cushion doll I designed a few years ago.

Here's another novel pin cushion I designed (although I never got around to writing up the pattern for this one). He is rather cute isn't he!

You can find all these pin cushion patterns and more at Stitching Cow.

And here are a few other pin cushion patterns from flickr to inspire you as well.








Hope you have found some inspiration for making your next pin cushion pattern.

Warmly Lenna

Warmly Lenna


Bia Cardeal said...

Hello, Lenna,

I have followed your blog for some time and I am delighted with your work! His designs are very beautiful!
I am Brazilian and I live south of the country, with my husband and my son 12 years and also a dog called Filomena!
I do patchwork there are 5 years and now I create my own projects. I love embroidery as what you do in your projects.

Sorry for the English, but I'm using Google translator! I hope you understand!
Visit my blog too!

Bia Cardeal

Karen said...

I have a small handmade pin cushion collection. I have enjoyed seeing yours.


your pincushions are IT! love them all. I want some. I want to have a handmade pincushion swap in our quiltin' chicks group. I think it would be so much fun. Thanks for the inspiration!

J. Wecker Frisch said...

Hi Lenna - I just found your sites this morning, round about via Facebook which led me to your embroidery feature on another site. I'm so glad I did, your pincushions are delightful! I also became a follower and will be checking out your other blogs. Good to meet you.

Laurette said...

Hi, Lenna...
I found your site throught Heather blog. Very great pin cushions. I never done one myself,but I am going to try to do one.
I am glad that Heather mention your blog and told me to visit it.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Leena

I am just new to your blog and as a collector of pincuhions I think yours are adorable. I haven't got many that I have made myself, but, I have a feeling that that is very soon going to change!!!!!.

quiltjude said...

there is no end your talent! what an inspiration to us beginners


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