Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Josie's Cot Quilt

It's finally done, a clot quilt for my new Neice.

When my sister gave birth to a new little girl back in September I promised her a new cot quilt. After meeting and sharing a first cuddle, it was decided that the quilt was to be in reds and creams. Our next get together was to be in March so I new I had heaps of time?!!!

Well so I thought!

A week before I was to leave on my March holiday the rotary cutter came out and this new quilt started to take shape. My new Neice lives on  a farm, hence why I incorporated her home, a fence, some trees and  a bird. The bird was particularly special because it was drawn by my Miss 9 who was eager to contribute.

I'm pleased to say that the new cot quilt was very well received and my little Neice was promptly wrapped in it. I hope she could feel the love I carefully put into each stitch.

I thought perhaps that I should make this cot quilt into a pattern.
What do you think?

Warmly Lenna


Karen said...

A good finish. I always like to see the term "cot" quilt. We call them crib quilts.

Heather said...

This is absolutely delightful... I love the colours you chose and the theme. Very nice blog, this is my first visit... found you on my Mum's blog...

quiltjude said...

wow your work is amazing, very clever


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