Saturday, August 14, 2010

Redwork Nursery Rhyme Quilt in Progress

This week I have been working on the Redwork version of my Nursery Rhyme Quilt.

After launching my appliqued nursery rhyme quilt last year I had requests for a Redwork version, which at the time I thought was a wonderful idea. Truth is, although the idea was a good one I was not enthused about reworking the design. It kind of felt like remaking the same quilt, hence my lack of enthusiasm. It is always so much fun creating a new design for the first time. Reworking a design never seems to have the same excitement. If you have ever had to make the same pattern twice you will know what I mean.

So after weeks of no action, I decided to enlist the help of a wonderful sewing fairy who completed the embroidered blocks for me. I was thrilled with them when they arrived at my doorstep, although I felt I needed to add a few more details to the designs before I was completely happy with them. Reworking the original applique design to a Redwork design involved more work than I expected.

I even found some new fabrics that I felt were ideal for this Redwork project. You would think that this would have given me the motivation I needed but unfortunately the completed blocks remained in my cupboard, as did the bolts of fabric.

But this week, after ordering even more fabrics for a new project in the planning with Homespun magazine, I just had to take action. As hubby keeps reminding me bolts of fabric just can't keep coming in, eventually some has to go out. His logic not mine but I know he has a point.

When I laid the blocks out I felt that I needed to make even more changes, and so I totally new quilt layout started to take shape.

Here are some more photos of the quilt in progress.

I am pleased to report that the quilt is now together and this week I will be hand quilting it. So stay tuned I will have a photo of my Redwork Nursery Rhyme Quilt by next week.

Until then happy quilting!
Warmly Lenna


Posy Linda said...

Hi Leena, the redwork quilt is going to be a knockout. Love your creative ideas.

Robin said...

I love your redwork quilt. Red work is on of my favorites.
Very nice

Turid Westskogen said...

This was a very nice project. The colors of the fabrics are very nice. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole quilt.

jofridsquilt said...

Lovely redwork quilt you've made. Jofrid

Judith Duma said...

Hi Lenna, the Redwork nursery quilt is looking great. I am looking forward to the finished product. I may even be tempted to have a go myself.

Marilyn said...

Hi Lenna. Your redwork quilt is beautiful. I've only done one in red. My big hurdle is applique. I'm so intimidated by it, I've always been afraid to start it. Any suggestions on how to get over this phobia of mine?

Anonymous said...

Most redwork I've seen has been set in red and white blocks... I can't wait to see your finished quilt with the different block colors... it's looking lovely... Embroidery is one of my favorite past times, so I'm eager to look closer at this project. Thanks for your ideas and incentives. Ann-Idaho

Miss Nancy said...

What a wonderful quilt this is going to be. Love the embroideries and the colors. Thank you for the sneak peak.

Have a super great sewing day.

quilting mama said...

Hi Leena, I love the quilt.. It is soooo hard sometimes to keep motivated when designing. I have only done a couple and both were for my grand children.. Gingerbread Love took ages but i am very happy with the result.. I must say thanks to you for inspiring me to try out my own pattern..

Craft Town Fabrics said...

This was truly a wonderful idea I am going to have to share Redwork Nursery Rhymes with my coworks.

pascale said...
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