Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Christmas in Italy Quilt 3

 Italy is known as the country of Churches and after visiting this amazing country it is not difficult to see why. Monasteries, Churches and Mother Mary greeted us around every turn. Even in the most unlikely places.
Here are a few of the amazing churches we found. All very different in their architectural style.

So naturally my Christmas in Italy quilt had to include a church, although finding inspirational elements that could be adapted to fabric and applique was not that easy. After much reminiscing, a Church in the city of Verona came to mind. Verona is the home of Romeo and Juliet and boasts the famous balcony.

One of the Churches I discovered was down near the river.
And this stunning Rose window and arched entrance found its way into the quilt as well.

The other discovery down by the river was this lovely lamp post, it reminded me of some I had seen on the shores of Lake Como as well.
Yes, into the quilt it must go.

Although mine is looking a bit older and on a lean!
Speaking of "on a lean", the leaning tower of Pisa did not make it into my Christmas in Italy quilt. But it would have been remiss of me not to include a red brick bell tower. More to come soon.
Warmly Lenna


Sunnybec said...

Hi We have been to Verona and seen Juliet, and the balcony, and, of course had a picture taken with her LOL. We love Italy especially the lakes.

TinaD said...

I love Churches and am always fascinated by them. Italy has so much history, it's easy to see where your inspiration for the Christmas in Italy Quilt came from.

The Cains said...

How inspiring, Lenna! I have NEVER thought to make a quilt of my journeys! It's amazing! Thank you for sharing!!

jodi said...

Fantastic post, Lenna! And I Love your little houses, etc!

Suedio said...

Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration! Love that rose window and the persimmon tree . . .

Regards, Sue.

Marg H said...

This is going to be such a beautiful quilt. How could it be anything else which such great memories for inspiration. Cheers

Meikjn said...

I have never left the USA. I am in awe of the "old world" I also love your concept of the Christmas in Italy quilt. the way you are making it is so elegant too. not touristy at all. and I think you should stick to things that you like, like churches and bell towers. if you love the leaning tower add it, if you think they should have built it on solid ground. don't feel obligated.


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