Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Christmas in Italy Quilt 5

My trip to Italy was full of inspiration. Attention to detail and pattern was everywhere, even on the ground!
 So when coming up with some inspiration for the borders of my new Christmas in Italy quilt, I did not have to look very far.

Thankfully I had thought to point the camera down occasionally which I am sure must have amused the locals. This was a little tricky and I remember having to be very patient for just the right opportunity so that I did not get just an assortment of shoes. Although being in Italy, this would have probably made a very lovely photo...gosh they wear beautiful shoes!!!!

Here are some of the amazing geometric patterns I discovered:
These were taken in Vatican City.

These were in Milan, even the drain waste amazed me cigarette buts and all!

 Our Villa in Como Lake also had the most stunning tiled floors.

Including some geometric blocks in my quilt was a must. Here's what I came up with. I did intend to template piece these blocks by hand, but decided to practice my foundation piecing skills on the sewing machine instead. The blocks are only 4" square so foundation was a much better option.

Stay tuned for my next post when I will reveal the full quilt and a special video presentation to enjoy.
Not long to wait now!
Warmly Lenna


Kathy said...

Have been enjoying your Italy blogs and the pics from your trip. So much inspiration to be found! Looking forward to seeing the quilt finished:)

Kathy - Sew-Happy House
(formerly Quilted Notions)

Mary said...

I love looking at the Tile work when I visit places too! My McCall's Challenge that is soon to be ready for voting was inspired by a Floor tile...not quite as impressive as the ones in Italy, I admit. Thanks for showing us the beautiful tilework!

TinaD said...

What wonderful tile work you discovered in Italy. The colours and designs are so inspiring, making a lovely frame to surround your New Christmas in Italy Quilt! (

Larain said...

I also loved the tiles in Italy, my next favourite being Portugal. I love the look of the sneak peek and cannot wait to see the whole quilt.

Alexandra Abarca said...

Hi of course Italy is a dream, I hope you will continue make more and more Italy Quilts.

Costa Rica

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