Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New project for Creating Country Threads Magazine

This week the needle and thread have been particularly busy making a new project for Creating Country Threads Magazine. The lovely Danielle requested a wall hanging to compliment my Nursery Rhyme quilt
and as always I was keen to accommodate.

There was one Nursery Rhyme that came to mind straight away. In fact an image of the design can to me one night before going to sleep, thankfully the next morning I could still recall it and sketched it roughly into my sketch book.

From a pile of fabrics, some shapes emerged.

Can you guess which one I decided to base my new design on?
Here's a few hints.

 And if you haven't guessed already this should give it away.

Keep your eyes out for my new project which will be published in Creating Country Threads Magazine Vol 12 No 9 on sale 23rd February 2012.
Warmly Lenna

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