Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Fabric Cupboard

Every now and again all the mess and disarray finally gets to me and I just have to have a clean up.
When I find myself on a creative roll things seem to go everywhere and before long I have piles of fabric, pens, pencils, pieces of paper and threads scattered all around the house (I discover them in the most unlikely) places). I wonder at times how hubby puts up with me, but thankfully he never seems to mind and mutters every now and again with a cheeky smile"whatever make you happy!"
I was starting to think I had a bit of a problem.
Then a very special friend of mine invited me in to her creative space just recently.
We were at a barbecue together and the conversation turned to patchwork and quilting. Before long we were bouncing ideas off one another and discussing quilting projects. She beckoned me to walk across the road to her house so that she could share a quilt in the making. The visit from me was unexpected and before she opened the door she hesitated with a smile and laughed "don't mind the mess will you?"
As I entered I indeed smiled. Not at the mess but at the creativeness that was happening in every direction I looked. It was wonderful. There was half finished projects, bundles of fabric spilling over from every flat surface, pattern pages scattered, amazing books lining the book case and beyond, and in the middle of it all was her sewing machine.
I enjoyed every minute of being in her special space. And I am very thankful she shared it with me in the state it was in. It made me feel much more normal.
Which brings me to my fabric cupboard. I knew things were starting to get a little out of hand when I started to struggle closing the front door. It was also getting tricky to open. A bit like the dreaded Tupperware cupboard where things seem to topple out as if trying to escape.
And so I took matters in hand and spent some time folding stacking and folding some more until finally some sort of order was achieved.

The challenge is to see how long it stays in this state for. My guess is not very long but at least I have these picture to prove it was tidy once upon a time!

I came across these yummy embroidery threads just recently and had to have them.
They are so beautiful that I am not sure how I am ever going to bring myself to you them.
They currently take pride of place in their little box on top of my cupboard.

Hope I have inspired you to sort out your own fabric stash.
It's not all that bad really.
It's a wonderful opportunity to rediscover fabrics you forgot you had.
Or is that just a problem I have?
Feel free to add a comment and let me know what state your fabrics are in.
Until next time.
Warmly Lenna


Hilltop House said...

Hi Lenna, My fabrics are "sort of" neatly folded and each colour has its own pile or piles!! I love your little box of threads and your jar of red buttons has inspired me. I think I might start collecting buttons now!! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Evonne xx

Miss Muggins said...

My fabrics are semi folded in a big plastic tub (with a lid) That's my favourite ones anyway. Then are bags of bits and pieces stuffed in a giant white washed wardrobe in my sewing room. My buttons, however are sorted by colour in glass jars on a dresser, along with ribbons, bells, binding scraps etc. I agree with you about how creativity flows from an organised space! Just gotta get better organised!


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