Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Pleasant Surprise

Last week the phone rang and it was one of my lovely sewing friends with a hint of excitement in her voice. She began "I have a fabric proposal for you". Of course I begged her to continue!
The conversation continued to reveal that she had been invited to the home of a lifetime sewer who had recently moved into a retirement village. The lady's daughter was sorting through her stash of sewing belongings and had opened it up to fellow sewers in the hope that she could sell some of the excess fabrics and bits and pieces her mother had collected over the years.

You can image our excitement as we approached the house. Our minds a whirl of the possibilities of what lay inside.

We were greeted at the door by the daughter who welcomed us in and immediately put the kettle and tempted us with cake filled with yummy lemon butter. This day just kept getting better and better!

The room was filled with neatly folded piles of fabric an d boxes of lace and trims. We hardly knew where to start and as we filled our mouths with cake we surveyed the scene in front of us in ore.

Before long we were head down rummaging around uncovering treasures that only a fellow sewer could understand. The daughter (who did not have the same love of all things fabric and threads) was a bit amused at our squeals of delight. I think she felt almost embarrassed at the amount her mother had collected over the years and we were quick to reassure her that it was completely normal.

Two and a half hours later we waddled down the drive way giggling to ourselves and discussing the future projects and possibilities that lay waiting in our bags of fabric and trims.

Here's a few pictures of the unusual old trims I discovered.

I also uncovered a pile of Cupie doll faces in the bottom of a dollmaking box.
Aren't they amazing?

Our little adventure was very memorable. I couldn't help but think about the time when someone has the huge job of sorting through my lifetime of collecting.

I hope our "sewing lady" is glad to think her stash lives on in the homes of fellow sewers. And hopefully that is how it will be with all my sewing treasures. My only hope is that I live to be 150 so that I can keep making all the hundreds of projects that live on it my mind. And even then I know my stash will not have diminished. Maybe I should be resided to the fact that I am safe keeping treasures for some other kindred spirit to discover many years from now.
Until next time happy collecting!
Warmly Lenna


Anonymous said...

It sounds like an exciting little adventure you have been on!! I love the look of the old lace and trims. Evonne xx

Miss Muggins said...

Wow -that sounds like a dream come true. It's good to know that the stash has gone to loving homes!

ps I deleted my first comment because I made a spelling mistake! I didn't know that it would still show up. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

LELA: How I can do or buy those doll phases? I want to do my own doll, you can say to me I can do as it?
Madrid, Spain

Anonymous said...

lenaw I can do or buy those doll faces want to do my own doll, you can say to me I can do as it?
Eva Villagran
Madrid, Spain


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