Sunday, September 21, 2008

Project in Patchwork and Stitching Magazine

It's always wonderful when a new craft magazine lands in my mail box. But this month I was even more excited than usual to receive the latest copy of Patchwork and Stitching.

Robyn Ahern, the Editor of Patchwork and Stitching contacted me a few months back and kindly invited me to design a project for the Spring Special. I eagerly accepted her invitation and knew straight away that a project with some hand embroidered flowers was in order.

I started to think about some possible projects and then I got an idea.

Since moving house 12 months ago I have been unable to locate a jewelry warp that my mother bought for me years and years ago. I'm sure I have it somewhere, but for now it remains hidden. No doubt it is lurking in a suitcase or in a pocket of one of my traveling bags. But despite my best efforts I cannot put my hand on it. After looking endlessly I decided it was probably easier to make something similar myself. Hence the design for my very own Jewellery Wrap for Patchwork and Stitching emerged.

I dived into my fabric cupboard (always a pleasurable experience!) and resurfaced with some pretty floral fabrics just perfect for Spring. I also fond some beautiful timber buttons in a nearby shop which are engraved with little flowers. Before long a new Jewellery Wrap was created.

It includes pockets a bracelet holder and a zipped section for smaller items.
It rolls up and is secured with a ribbon.
Here's a picture for you:

Seems Robyn must have been pleased with my design.
It features as part of the Editor's letter.

I feel very privileged to be apart of this fabulous magazine and I now have a Jewellery wrap for when I next journey somewhere. It was a win win for me.

Look out for the magazine it contains lots of projects and great tips as well as an article about some beautiful gardens on show. I even found one in Tassie not far from me...goodie.
As the weather warms it's the perfect time to visit some inspirational gardens for some ideas.

Oh to have more hours in the day!

For more information about this magazine and how you can subscribe, simply click on the Patchwork and Stitching graphic included down the right hand side of my blog.

Or check out more of my embroidery patterns by clicking the link here

Until next time.
Happy stitching and happy gardening too!
Warmly Lenna


Miss Muggins said...

Lenna - I've tagged your blog as one of my favourites! Feel free to pass it on, but only if you want to :-)
P.s I love the jewellery roll, it is something I have always wanted to make for myself!

daisymum7 said...

Lenna hello
I got here via your sister's blog which I got to through Down to Earth blog which I got to through Homespun Living which I got to thorugh Quiltville. So I guess it just proves no matter where you go it all comes back to stitching and quilting in the end!!LOL

I love your blog I have made osme of you little projects before and I look forward to seing more.


Hilltop House said...

Hi Lenna, I love your jewellery wrap and it is in my favourite colour too!! Your designs are always beautiful and it is good to see your work promoted in magazines. Evonne xx


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