Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Treasured Finds

Just had to share with you my treasured finds from a "girlie's day out" recently.
Few people would get excited by these items, but as a fellow sewer I know they will not be lost on you.
Not only was I excited to find them all but the amazing thing is that I was surprised by how inexpensive they were. Or maybe that's me just thinking that because I love them sooooo much. My darling hubby didn't seem to relish in the same excitement although he normally pretends to be excited just to please me.
My girlie friends on the other hand, who are all proficient with a needle and thread, basked in the glory of the find. All praising me for my spotting skills.
My first treasure was being thrown away but luckily for me, and for them, I saved them from an unknown future. They now take pride of place alongside my fabric cupboard. Although I need to be on the look out because my 12 year old son spied them recently and stared waving them around as if they were "Light Sabres" out of Star Wars.

My other treasures came from one of my favourite shops here in Hobart, Store and Co.
I have to admit that at first glance I thought I had found some lovely little soaps, luckily one of my friends set me straight explaining they were pencil erasers. This caught my attention because as all mothers know finding a pencil eraser in a household of children is an impossible task. Surely this one had my ownership stamped all over it, or that of a distinctive bee anyway.

The third of my treasures was a pair of brass coloured scissors made in India. I was concerned that perhaps they were not fabric scissors until the helpful shop assistant let me hack into a fabric sample she had under the counter. This was all the encouragement I needed.
Which of my finds do you like the most?
Until next time.
Happy treasure hunting!
Warmly Lenna

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Bron said...

I hope you bought two of the erasers Len, you know my birthday is just around the corner! Great finds and good luck with the kids sewing project.


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