Sunday, January 8, 2012

Making peach jam

This weekend I was on watering duty for a dear friend who is holidaying with family. This involved checking the chooks and watering the orchard and large vege patch.
In exchange I received a glorious bounty of eggs, strawberries and peaches.

The smell in the kitchen was divine and I felt just like Martha B Rabbit in the book  "The  Fairies Cook" as I made jam. This was one of  Miss 18s favourite books when she was little. Now, just like Martha, I have my pantry stocked for winter.

The recipe included cinnamon and mixed spice, which I have to admit concerned me a little. But I went with it and I am pleased to say the jam is yummy! I tried to find the recipe today so that I could link to it but do you think I can find it again. It was online one minute and seems to be now gone!!!

All I need to do is add some labels, which will be a good job for Miss 12 who is trying to get out of cleaning up here bedroom. Then into the pantry they go.

I am on watering duty again on Wednesday, hope the zucchinis are big enough to pick!
Until next time.
Warmly Lenna

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Ruth S. said...

Since I live in the US, this post caught my eye. After a minute or two, I remembered that your seasons are the opposite of ours. It is so cold here that a summer's warm day sounds lovely!


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