Sunday, January 22, 2012

Playing with technology

I've decided that it is time to improve my skills and embrace some of this amazing technology that is available to us. In particular I have been playing with some photo applications for my new Android phone.

Whilst a tad frustrating to begin with, I am hoping that this frustration is the small price I have to pay to do things better and quicker. Surely this will mean less time on the computer and more time with needle and thread in hand. Well that is the plan for 2012 anyway.

So in keeping with this plan I have put together a few images of my new pattern collection which will be released for sale on the Stitching Cow website over the next few weeks. They will be available as both paper patterns and also as e-patterns (electronic patterns that can be downloaded instantly).

Unfortunately I only had a few photos on my phone to play with but you will get the idea of what this great little application can do.

I still need to work out how to send photos to my blog directly without losing picture quality. At present the program seems to shrink the photo so that it is too small. Perhaps I need a lesson with my teenage son. Anyway I will keep persevering and hopefully you will be able to see and enjoy my progress throughout the year.

Warmly Lenna


Kristen said...

Love the little cottages...and if you get all the technology figured out, want to fill me in? I don't get it at all! :)

Michelle Chitty said...

Yes Lenna get your son to help! When I can't figure something out I always get my son to do it. Much easier!


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