Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sounds like a plan

It's so refreshing to think of a new year as a clean slate. I've cleaned off my big dry erase board in my studio and I'm ready to start filling it up with hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

Just came across this and thought it a wonderful idea. Instead of pondering what I could have...should have done in 2010, why not just wipe the slate clean and look forward with excitement to 2012. No more beating myself up about unfinished projects, unwritten articles or my lack of blogging.
There's no point is there?

Hopes and dreams for 2012 is much more delicious, thanks Liz!


Brenda said...

I agree. I wiped down my dry erase board in my little studio two days before Christmas and relaxed. Now I am recharged and ready to go! Happy 2012!

Marg H said...

I'm the same - 2011 is done and dusted and now it's about what can be achieved in 2012. I was always like this with the new school books, too. Those blank pages always filled me with inspiration about the year ahead. My eldest teenage son informed me that this can be treated now!! Lol!! You've got to love them, haven't you? I have my lists started and my sewing room sort of organised. Prep beginning so that sewing can be underway as soon as school goes back... Cheers

Allkind Joinery said...

I am done finishing all the unfinished things last year so that for this year 2012 I will do something different, I am still planning what things I want to do in different. I will let you know if I am done planning..



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