Sunday, October 19, 2008

Witch Doll Pattern for Halloween

Celebrate Halloween this year with Witchy Poo, a new witch doll pattern.

I found myself with a free afternoon last weekend. Hubby took the kids on an outing and the eldest daughter was visiting friends. When I looked around and discovered that the house was quiet and I was alone I knew a rare occasion had presented itself!

Of course there was heaps of the usual housework to get done but the thought of doing all that did nothing to lift my spirit. I soon concocted a plan to create a new design for Halloween and before long Witchy Poo had been sketched and I was up ending the fabric cupboard looking for the perfect fabrics. (I knew it wouldn't stay orderly for long!)

The good news is that I had her all sewn up within a few short hours. It's amazing how much sewing and creating you can get done when you are not interrupted. Once her long black hair was in place and her hat was firmly on her head, I sat her on the kitchen dresser for inspection when the kids arrived home.

As they returned home they discovered her one by one and expressed their approval. There were a few giggles at her big nose and trusty broomstick. My original design had included a cat although I had run out of steam that afternoon and decided not to make her. The kids on the other hand were not happy with my decision and so the next morning, to their delight, the little white cat appeared.

My new Witch doll pattern is one of 4 new Halloween designs currently showcased on the Stitching Cow website.

Click here for more information about my witch doll pattern

I have also added a cute little Trick or Treat bag with a friendly appliqu├ęd ghost which is very quick and easy to make. Here's a photo for you.

Click here if you would like more information about my Trick or Treat bag

I had a wonderful afternoon of sewing and the housework was still there waiting for me the next day.

I was so inspired that I have started to sketch some ideas for Christmas.

Hope you like my new Halloween patterns.
Check out the other new designs including a new Halloween Redwork pattern and a cute little felt purse decorated with a spider and cobwebs.

You can see them all on the Stitching Cow home page

Happy Halloween sewing!
Warmly Lenna


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