Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Day Trip with Hubby for Patchwork Fabrics

Last week I went on a day trip with Hubby to a regional field day on a quest for patchwork fabric. I don't usually tag along with Hubby as he goes about his work but last week was different because he lured me away from my sewing machine and computer with the promise of patchwork fabric and gardening stalls. He knew that I would find such a combination irresistible.

Many of you may be unfamiliar with field days. They are usually of an agricultural nature and are held outdoors in the middle of a paddock. There are rows and rows of tents and stall holders offering everything from tractors through to hardware. Anything really that a farmer may find of interest.

Thankfully the woman folk are not left out and there is a section full of craft, jewellery and home ware type stalls. As promised there were  a few patchwork fabric stalls and I could not resist coming home with some bits and pieces for the stash.  I came across this cute little cupcake display of gorgeous little patchwork fabrics.

And I also found this panel of patchwork fabric on a Japanese stall that I could not resist for Miss 9. She fancies herself as a dancer so you can see its appeal factor.

Here is the panel which I am hoping will be big enough to make a bag out of.

The garden stalls did not disappoint either and I discovered some beautiful white Lilly bulbs to plant this season and some lush tubs of parsley for the herb patch.
All in all I had  a fabulous day and I know that Hubby enjoyed having me along for the ride. Now I just have to put my new patchwork fabrics to good use.

Until next time.
Warmly Lenna


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