Monday, September 13, 2010

Free Hand Quilting

My new Redwork Quilt (which is another version of my appliqued Nursery Rhyme quilt) is now ready to enjoy.

I decided to free hand quilt each block and thought I would share with you some pictures of my progress. Free hand quilting is a pure joy. It is very relaxing and there is more freedom involved.

It is an interesting and effective way to add a sense of movement to your quilt. Usually free hand quilting is worked on a background area where you do not have to compete with seams. Quilting lines are typically flowing and I draw mine onto the quilt top as I work using a quick vanishing marker pen which is shown below.

You can also see the small quilting needle I use which is much smaller than an ordinary crewel needle (shown along side it)

Shown below are more tools of the trade including the hand quilting thread I love to use. Putting a rubber band around the spool stops the hand quilting thread from unwinding. I also use a rubber thimble to help grip the needle.

Here you can see the lines of hand quilting.

When free hand quilting I tend not to use a quilting hoop. Instead I roll the quilt to the area I am working, quilting towards myself and unrolling the quilt as needed. This means I can quilt much faster than normal.

And here is the completed Redwork Quilt.

This quilt pattern is now available on the Stitching Cow website and I have a limited number of fabric kits on offer. Jump on over to the information page where you will discover more photos of this Redwork Quilt and details about the monthly pattern program.

Hope you like it and that I have tempted you to have a try at free hand quilting. You'll love it!


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