Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ready to enjoy new Christmas in Italy Quilt

Here it is, a full photo of my new Christmas in Italy Quilt. For weeks I have been sharing with you the inspiration for this quilt which came from spending last Christmas in Italy. Nestled amongst snow laden hills this little village is a delight to create.

This original, new quilt design incorporates needle turn applique and hand embroidery, although could easily be adapted to other applique techniques. It is made up of 10 patterns which will take you through making this quilt step by step.
I have put together a video presentation which showcases some of the detail included in this quilt. You can watch the video now by heading over to Stitching Cow, the video is included on the home page at the bottom of the page.

There are lots of options for purchasing this pattern set, including a monthly e-pattern program and I also have some starter kits of the fabrics that I used in this quilt. For all the information including more photos of this quilt click through to the information page.

Just in time for Christmas, you too can enjoy creating your own little Italian village.

Click here for more information about my new Christmas in Italy quilt

Hope you like it.
Warmly Lenna

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Christmas in Italy Quilt 5

My trip to Italy was full of inspiration. Attention to detail and pattern was everywhere, even on the ground!
 So when coming up with some inspiration for the borders of my new Christmas in Italy quilt, I did not have to look very far.

Thankfully I had thought to point the camera down occasionally which I am sure must have amused the locals. This was a little tricky and I remember having to be very patient for just the right opportunity so that I did not get just an assortment of shoes. Although being in Italy, this would have probably made a very lovely photo...gosh they wear beautiful shoes!!!!

Here are some of the amazing geometric patterns I discovered:
These were taken in Vatican City.

These were in Milan, even the drain waste amazed me cigarette buts and all!

 Our Villa in Como Lake also had the most stunning tiled floors.

Including some geometric blocks in my quilt was a must. Here's what I came up with. I did intend to template piece these blocks by hand, but decided to practice my foundation piecing skills on the sewing machine instead. The blocks are only 4" square so foundation was a much better option.

Stay tuned for my next post when I will reveal the full quilt and a special video presentation to enjoy.
Not long to wait now!
Warmly Lenna

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Block 13, 14 and 15 Faithful Friend Stitch a Long Quilt now ready

Here they are, the next three blocks of my free block of the month quilt pattern
It's time for some tea and cake!
This cake stand was modeled on one I bought at an antique shop years ago, I just love it and use it whenever I have a special cake to enjoy with friends.

To grad your free patterns simply head on over to the Complete Craft website by clicking the link here

I hope you have been enjoying the Stitch a Long program. Be sure to let your friends know about this free block of the month quilt pattern as well.
Warmly Lenna

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Christmas in Italy Quilt 4

Every Christmas quilt needs a Santa and my Christmas in Italy quilt was no exception. It seemed logical that he had to appear in the night sky above the little village I had just created, but this meant his whole team of Reindeer. This was going to be a challenge!

The style of the quilt was sophisticated, not at all comical, so having Santa and his Reindeer appear as if real was a must. And he had to be flying which meant a sled, and his Reindeer had to be flying as well so this meant movement.

No wonder I left this block until last!

I was not lucky enough to catch Santa on my camera whilst in Italy, so my inspiration had to come from elsewhere. After scanning through lots of pictures for ideas and after many sketches, my Santa block started to emerge.

I used a variegated, red embroidery thread and added some hand pieced stars for some extra festive fun.
Finally I was up to the borders and once again my inspiration turned to Italy.
Warmly Lenna


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