Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blocks 7 , 8 and 9 Faithful Friends Stitch a Long Quilt

Blocks 7, 8 and 9 of my free block of the month quilt pattern, A faithful Friend are now ready for you to download. Just click through to the Complete Craft website by clicking the link here. It will take you straight to the page. Click here for free pattern blocks

Don't worry if you missed the first block, you may be able to locate a back issue of volume 12-4 of Homespun Magazine. For US readers Ericas still have copies. Click here for the magazine that contains pattern one. For Australian readers contact the Homespun Subscriptions department on 1300 303 414. Otherwise I will have it available at the completion of the program towards the end of the year.

Hope you enjoy these blocks.
Warmly Lenna

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Christmas in Italy Quilt

Last November my family and I were blessed to spend 8 weeks in Italy. The trip was a dream come true for me and something I had been planning for a few years. The experience of soaking up another country's culture was a wonderful experience and something we will all never forget.

One of our very special moments was experiencing a white Christmas, something very different for we Aussies who normally sweat in the heat of summer over an oven, or contend with seafood, salads and sand at the beach. Seeing snow fall from the heavens was something very new. And I will never forget the delightful squeals of  excitement from Miss 10 as she looked up into the falling snow and exclaimed "It feels like fairies are dancing across my face".

For so many reasons I felt that my next project should be one inspired by my trip to Italy.

Truth is though it took me a while to get my Mojo back in full swing, but thankfully when the ideas started to flow I was soon on my happy way, sketching from images fresh in my mind.

A few months on, the quilt is now complete and I have a confession to make. I have not been very diligent in taking photos of my progress. So instead I have another idea.

Over the next few weeks I thought it would be fun to show you where my inspiration has come from. So I will include some photos of sections from the quilt and then show you some of the places and buildings that inspired their creation.

The overall concept for the quilt flashed into my mind as we were driving through farmland in the Northern part of Italy just outside of Venice. Red and terracotta brick farmhouses nestled amongst snow laden trees was a scene quite new to me. The colours were so pale and yet so beautiful. It was the trees that intrigued me the most, their delicate branches dusted with snow silhouetted against the sky. Hopefully you will get an idea of what I saw from these photos, taken from the inside of the car (it was too cold to wind down the window).

So including these trees within my design was a must. I discovered a variegated DMC thread that gave the perfect effect, doing all the creative work for me.

As you can see there's lots of little houses, hills dusted with snow and lots more to come...!
Warmly Lenna

Monday, June 13, 2011

Block 5 and 6 A Faithful Friend Stitch a Long Quilt now ready

Blocks five and six of my free block of the month quilt pattern, A Faithful Friend are now ready for you to download. All you have to do is head over to the Complete Craft website by clicking the link here

Hope that you are enjoying the sewing journey!
I also wanted to let you know that there is an exciting competition being offered over at the Stitching Cow blog. The winner will receive the complete kit of fabrics and threads for this quilt project worth over $250. For your chance to win click here for all the details.

Best of luck
Warmly Lenna


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