Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Josie's Cot Quilt

It's finally done, a clot quilt for my new Neice.

When my sister gave birth to a new little girl back in September I promised her a new cot quilt. After meeting and sharing a first cuddle, it was decided that the quilt was to be in reds and creams. Our next get together was to be in March so I new I had heaps of time?!!!

Well so I thought!

A week before I was to leave on my March holiday the rotary cutter came out and this new quilt started to take shape. My new Neice lives on  a farm, hence why I incorporated her home, a fence, some trees and  a bird. The bird was particularly special because it was drawn by my Miss 9 who was eager to contribute.

I'm pleased to say that the new cot quilt was very well received and my little Neice was promptly wrapped in it. I hope she could feel the love I carefully put into each stitch.

I thought perhaps that I should make this cot quilt into a pattern.
What do you think?

Warmly Lenna


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