Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homespun Magazine a Christmas Design in the Making

When the phone rang last week it was the delightful Catherine from Homespun Magazine reminding me that she had commissioned me for a project for the Christmas in July addition. This meant a flurry of sketches, some exchanging of ideas and a trip to town for some lovely wool felt. 
Here's a peek at what emerged.

Upon entering the tiny Steiner shop in Hobart, which is well know for its wholesome treasures, I was occupied for ages trying to choose form the shelves of felt squares that were before me. This did not amuse Hubby, who after 20 minutes was anxiously looking for an escape plan. He had accompanied me with the plan of starting our Christmas shopping and this was not his idea of playing Santa.

After mush deliberation I just had to buy a dozen and I was very proud of my decision when it was rewarded with another felt square for free. Here is my collection, aren't the colours wonderful. They look so good that I have not released them form the roll yet.

Something I know I will have to do very soon so that I can make a start. Otherwise I will not be able to enjoy them this Christmas which would make far more sense than trying to muster some Christmas excitement after the big event in January, when the project is due.

I'll share some snippets of my Homespun Christmas projects as they emerge.
Stay tuned.
Warmly Lenna


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