Sunday, March 17, 2013

Best Tomato Relish Recipe

How lucky was I this week to receive a wonderful bounty of home grown onions and tomatoes, this meant one one thing, a batch of Tomato Relish!

This year I thought I would do some research on my ipad and find  a new Tomato relish recipe. I'm so glad that I did because I found an easy recipe that I think has become a new family favourite. It is different to my usual recipe in that it combines grated apple, red wine vinegar and a combination of spices including All Spice. The recipe can be found on the website

I multiplied the recipe by 4, which made 5 large jars. The fresh Thyme stirred through at the end was also a nice touch. Luckily I had an abundant supply in the herb patch.

Hope you enjoy this recipe too, I think it is the best Tomato Relish recipe that I have come across.
Warmly Lenna


kashy said...

Thank you very much for the freebies!!! Am just trying to start quilting any helpful suggestions?? Do not get along well with a sewing machine but love embroidery.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Lenna. Going to give this a try. My family loves tomato relish. Hugs,xx.

Unknown said...
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The Un-Social Butterfly said...

Looks Great Lenna Will have to have a Go. Your Basket of Veg looks Amazing


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