Monday, August 26, 2013

Crocheted Edge Blanket - Retro style

Just recently while sorting through some things in the attic, I came across a length of wool fabric. I had bought the fabric and a collection of sewing bits and pieces from a lady who was moving into a retirement home a few years ago, some of you may remember my blog post about it "A Pleasant Surprise".

The wool fabric had appealed to me because it had a retro feel to it, and at the time I thought that it would make a great picnic blanket. Five years on it sat sadly in a box, begging to see the light of day.I tossed it down the attic stairs and vowed to do something with it.

I am pleased to say that an idea came quite quickly. My eldest daughter (who has now moved out of home) has just moved into a 1940's style house and in keeping with the house she has decided to decorate in the same style. Being a "poor struggling university student) all donations of homely goods have been received gratefully. Some newly made retro style kitchen curtains and some matching cushions from Mum were particularly well received.So I knew I would be on a winner if I made her a crocheted edged blanket to snuggle under of an evening.

The surprising part was how quickly the project came together. I doubled over the fabric and sewed around the raw edges using a walking foot on my sewing machine, an opening was left for turning through. I then worked a base row and picked out a suitable crochet edge from an old book that had belonged to my Grandmother. After three nights of crocheting the blanket was finished and presented to my excited daughter.

Five long years this wool fabric had been stashed away in my attic and I am thrilled to see it now draped over a lounge chair in my daughter's home. I am sure that the previous owner would be thrilled as well!

Warmly Lenna


Sherry said...

What a wonderful blanket! I live in a 1940's house too. Your idea of crocheting a pretty edge on the blanket was perfect.

Wendy said...

oh that is beautiful, I want one!

Unknown said...
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