Sunday, September 8, 2013

Granny Square Crochet for my Daughter

Granny Square Crochet
I've always loved the look of a Granny square blanket. I'm not sure if it is the Granny square crochet pattern that intrigues me or the combination of colours that inspires me. Whatever the reason my Crochet Pinterest board seems to be full of Granny Square crochet patterns.

Since my eldest daughter "has flown the coop", I have felt compelled to make her things. I am assuming that this is normal. Those of you who are regular readers will have already read about the new curtains, matching cushions and crochet edged blanket that I made just recently.Yet still my fingers were itching for something a bit more challenging, so I was thrilled when she showed a keen interest in some of my Granny square crochet finds.One pattern in particular caught her eye, which was found on Ravelry.

So I was off to the local wool shop to gather supplies. Here are some of the colours I chose.

wool balls for Granny square crochet
Once I had the pattern in hand I launched in. Despite the easy rating on the pattern I had some problems. My first attempt turned into a mat for my younger daughter's dolls house and the second was refashioned into a groovy headband. Clearly I was going wrong somewhere...and then it dawned on me. The pattern was an American pattern and I had been taught to crochet the British way. Those of you who crochet will understand the difference. If not check out my article on the Stitching Cow blog that includes a handy chart of the crochet stitch terminology used. Click here for British and American Crochet Terms

Once I had this sorted I was away and my Granny square crochet pile started to grow. I am also very pleased to report that my youngest daughter has taken it upon herself to sew in all the loose ends. This is the perfect arrangement.I crochet the Granny square, pass it to Miss 13 and she secures the ends. What could be better?

our pile of crocheted Granny squares
As we sit side by side on the lounge of an evening, I try not to think about the day when she too shall spread her wings and go. For now we are both enjoying creating something wonderful and I can highly recommend the humble Granny square as the perfect crochet therapy!

Warmly Lenna


River Glorious said...

Hello! I like the colors you chose for the blanket. Thanks for sharing!

Calamity said...

Lenna, the squares are gorgeous. I love your colour choices. I wish I had a good eye for colour like you!

Wendy said...

they're lovely. Any chance i could borrow your daughter to weave my ends in?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Thanks Lenna. I am making a blanket for my daughter too. I decided to go with a darker border as she is 11 yrs old. I would love to show you my granny squares.
Uploading photos would be a great idea ?
Thank you for all your inspiration over the years. Lilly

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